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Taxation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong keeps its tax system simple. Something many people around the world may envy. Who wants to give much of the money they earn away? There is no sales tax or VAT. No withholding tax on dividends or interest. No estate duty. No capital gains tax. Only money earned in Hong Kong is taxable. Money earned outside Hong Kong is not subject to tax.

What makes Hong Kong’s tax system truly great is it only has three direct tax rates:

  • Personal salary tax. Personal salary tax is capped at 15% with lots of allowances and deductions to lower the amount you pay
  • Profits tax. Profits tax on businesses is capped at 16.5% making it a level playing field for all
  • Property tax. Property tax is set at 15%.

Such low taxes on everything leaves spare cash in your pocket to enjoy spending on the things you need and want. Now you can do all the things you want to do. Hong Kong is ideally situated to travel the world whenever you have spare time. There is no goods and services tax so you have more to spend when out shopping and dining out.

Hong Kong keeps filing a tax return simple. So, simple many people complete and file it online. If you do not feel comfortable filing your own tax return in a foreign country, there are many accountancy firms that offer cost-effective tax services and advice. Just ask for help.

Living in Hong Kong you are guaranteed to keep most of every dollar you earn, while living in a world class regional centre.

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