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Hong Kong Tax Compliance

Profits Tax Return

A Hong Kong company is required by the Inland Revenue Ordinance to file its profits tax return to report the net income of the company at the end of every financial year end. The completed tax return should file to the government in conjunction with an audited financial statement. To fulfill the requirements, you need an accountant to prepare the financial statements, an auditor to issue an Auditor's Report and to file the tax returns on schedule.

Annual Accounts and Statutory Audit

After the end of its financial year, a company must prepare its annual accounts and financial report that meet the compliances and government regulations in Hong Kong. The annual accounts must be audited by an independent and certified auditor and laid before the annual general meeting.

A statutory annual account should include a directors’ report, financial report and an auditor’s report. A copy of audited annual accounts must be ready before the date of AGM to the company’s members, debenture holders and all relevant persons entitled to receiving the same.

Accounting records

According to the Inland Revenue Ordinance, every person carrying on a trade, profession or business in Hong Kong must keep sufficient accounting records, either in English or Chinese, for at least 7 years.


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