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Economy in Hong Kong

The area is located in a prime position at the geographic and economic heart of Asia. Hong Kong is a vibrant, dynamic city with the 13th largest trading economy in the world. And, it has held the title of being the freest economy in the world for more than two decades.

With fast, easy access to the rest of Asia, it is an ideal area for multinational corporations to setup regional offices. Taking advantage of the area’s rapid growth due to mainland Chinese markets, and entry into the World Trade Organization, just makes good business sense.

Hong Kong’s 24-hour airport ranks as one of the best in the world. It has nonstop, daily flights to all major cities in the Asia-Pacific, South Africa, North America, the Middle East and Europe. You can fly to most countries in under 5 hours with Hong Kong’s key trading markets all within a 4-hour flight of the airport.

Hong Kong has world class infrastructure with 24-hour bus and taxi services. Trains are reliable, quick and a reasonable cost. It also has state-of-the-art communications infrastructure to connect with the rest of the world seamlessly. Housing prices are expensive but there is a lot of choice. From high-rise apartments in the city precinct to houses in the country, you will find something to love.

Local and foreign businesses have a level playing field in Hong Kong, where companies compete with equal standing. The Hong Kong government imposes no tariffs on imported products. It only levies excise duties on hydrocarbon oil, tobacco, alcohol and methyl alcohol. No matter where these products come from.

Along with its exceptional business and shopping precincts, and thriving financial markets, it is a great place to live, travel, play and work.

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