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Culture in Hong Kong

Life in Hong Kong is exciting. There is always something to do. It is a cosmopolitan, sub-tropical city located at the south-eastern tip of China. Asia’s ‘World City’ with its 7.3 million people packs a lot of living into its 1 104-km area.

It is a land of stark visual contrasts. From a skyline filled with skyscrapers to stunning countryside and islands, it is one of the safest places to live in the world. This is a vibrant land of multicultural living where East meets West. With world-class global, regional and local transport links the rest of the world is never far away.

Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot of mostly Cantonese, British, Jewish, Indian and Shanghainese people. English and Chinese are both official languages. With Cantonese spoken by the majority, English is the common language of the business community. So, you will always be understood. You may even learn a little of the local language to communicate better with the people.

Cantonese culture is the main one here. While they adopt much of the western ways of life, Chinese ideals such as ‘saving face’, ‘modesty’ and family solidarity’ are still important beliefs in Hong Kong. Many religious beliefs exist in harmony in the region. Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and Christianity are among the most common. The ancient Taoist concept of Feng Shui is a common practice among the locals to bring prosperity, peace and harmony into their lives.

Hong Kong’s people celebrate traditional holidays such as Chinese Lunar New Year, and the Mid-Autumn and Ching Ming Festivals. They also celebrate western traditional holidays such as Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday. You can enjoy the culture of both worlds.

Foreigners are welcome to a city where freedom of speech and association, as well as of the press, are still fundamental rights. Hong Kong's legal system is based on British common law. Being independently overseen, residents’ rights are protected. This is a great place to live where many cultures live together in harmony.